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Revolutionize your kitchen studio with KüchenDesk

Optimize your operation and save time and money - with Küchendesk, the true all-in-one solution for kitchen studios.

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Your kitchen studio can do more?

Kitchen counter conversation

Easy communication & management

Do you want a kitchen studio in which all employees are automated and up to date?

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Crystal clear processes in everyday life

Do you need clear processes for your studio that are easy to organize within your team, from quotation to invoice?

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Control &

Do you want your kitchen studio to have a full overview of every order, no matter where you and your team are?

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Flexible & mobile organization

Your kitchen studio should be easy to organize and control via any terminal device?

The common problems of kitchen studios

Everyday life in the kitchen studio can be challenging

The kitchen specialist is: He provides ideas for kitchen planning, advises on the technical equipment of the kitchen, then calculates the kitchen offer, develops the complex ordering process for a kitchen, monitors all important deadlines and assembles the kitchen, which sometimes consists of more than 100 individual components, at the customer's site. He has to deal with any complaints quickly. To ensure that everything pays off, he carries out a post-calculation for each kitchen. He often takes time at the weekend to do the bookkeeping for his kitchen store.

Lack of clarity of the orders

Which employee is on assembly and when? Where is the reorder? How much is still in stock? All these questions plague you in everyday life.

Uncoordinated work

The team in the kitchen studio often does not know who is working on what (no team management). There is also a lack of concrete ways to easily distribute and oversee work.

Software patchwork

There is a software solution for everything. Only these always cover only individual areas (e.g. accounting, inventory or order management) and do not create a clear overview.

Weekend accounting

In day-to-day business, between orders, complaints and other tasks, you don't manage to keep clean books, which often has to be made up on the weekend.

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KüchenDesk is the solution!

From order management to accounting, KüchenDesk helps you organize your kitchen studio perfectly.
Optimize your inventory management via our cloud.

What KüchenDesk covers

Collaborate for a perfectly organized kitchen studio!

Of course we support you with the move to KüchenDesk from the initial consultation to the support we are at your side.

Step 1

Initial interview

In a free initial consultation, we will advise you on how KüchenDesk can best support you. If you are interested, the next step follows.

Step 2


In a presentation meeting, we will show you how you can personally transfer KüchenDesk into your processes. In doing so, we address your questions and your individual situation.

Step 3


In the onboarding step, we help you to easily and quickly transfer KüchenDesk into your work processes.

Step 4


Do you have questions or need support while using KüchenDesk ? Our support is always at your disposal!

KüchenDesk supports you everywhere

Work anywhere, anytime

On PC, tablet or smartphone - In the studio, home office, warehouse or during assembly - Work easily in the browser from anywhere with any device and experience true freedom in business.


Get the perfect overview of your offers, orders, invoices, complaints, employee management and all figures in the company. This means pure control and security over your company.

Paperless office

With digital document management, you'll keep paper to a minimum, helping to create more storage space in your filing cabinets while protecting the environment.

Working in one program

Process mails or tasks, write invoices or letters, manage orders or customers. No permanent changing of programs. Work in one central system after handing over your kitchen planning.

Data security

The security of your data is a high priority for us. We ensure that your data can only be used by you.

Key figures

Maintain maximum control by having your most important key figures (e.g. sales as well as master data management) automatically displayed at a glance.

Traffic light system

The KüchenDesk traffic light system saves you time because you can quickly view the current overall status of an order or in detail the situation of the individual sub-processes.


Systematize your everyday processes with built-in individual checklists.

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Find out in a no-obligation initial consultation how KüchenDesk can best support you in the future.

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KüchenDesk Fits ideally into your daily work routine

Starting with the data integration of your 3D planning program up to the data transfer from DATEV. Küchendesk provides open interfaces for you and enables a uniform and clear organization in an overall solution!

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You use KPS? With our interface you can easily integrate your data into KüchenDesk .

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You use eOPUS? With our interface you can easily integrate your data into KüchenDesk .

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Are you planning with Hammes? Here too, data transfer is child's play thanks to the KüchenDesk interface.

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Do you work with Winner? With our interface you can easily integrate your data into KüchenDesk .

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You use CARAT? With our interface you can easily integrate your data into KüchenDesk .

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What our customers
have to KüchenDesk say

Find out here why our customers use KüchenDesk and are thrilled.

Before KüchenDesk , we had problems due to separate systems and programs for kitchen planning, invoicing and assembly planning, as well as a confusing filing of customer documents.

With KüchenDesk , all processes and documents are united in one system, which improves the overview of orders, facilitates communication between departments and even optimizes the work of assemblers thanks to online flexibility. We recommend KüchenDesk and are looking forward to further developments of this innovative system.


Managing director of Moin Küchenwelten

Prior to KüchenDesk , we did not work in the cloud, which limited our workflow. Through the contract with KüchenDesk , we now have access to a cloud-based solution that gives us ease of use and significantly speeds up the transfer of data.

The cloud functionality of KüchenDesk has revolutionized the way we work and enabled us to transfer data more efficiently. We can definitely imagine working with KüchenDesk in the future. The outstanding support and the fast accessibility of the team have made collaboration even easier.


Managing Director of Gerdum Kitchens

The introduction of KüchenDesk effectively addressed existing problems such as inconsistent handling processes, duplicate data maintenance and a lack of overview of stock levels.

Although the problem has not yet been fully resolved, KüchenDesk shows promising progress towards a unified digital solution that creates a central source of information and enables faster processing. With its clear process structure, KüchenDesk already offers the opportunity for team scaling and I actively recommend it as it is accessible to studios of all sizes and already covers a significant proportion of my work processes.


Managing Director of SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG


The most frequently asked questions and answers from our customers about KüchenDesk can be found here!

On which devices can KüchenDesk be used?

KüchenDesk can be used on any device with a current browser. Whether with a PC, a Mac, a laptop, on a tablet or in the smartphone - KüchenDesk adapts optimally to the size of the device.

What are the minimum hardware and software requirements?

Since KüchenDesk only requires a current browser to be displayed, it is precisely these browsers that specify the minimum hardware and software requirements. For example, the latest version of Chrome requires at least Windows 10 or macOS High Sierra. Thus, at least 2 GB of RAM and 1 GHz of processor speed should be available. However, we recommend using a RAM of 8 GB or more and a monitor resolution of HD or higher to get the most out of the work experience with KüchenDesk .

Is my data located in Germany in compliance with the GDPR?

Yes, all data is stored in high-security data centers in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, in compliance with DSGVO. Further details are attached to our order data processing contract.

How long has KüchenDesk been on the market?

KüchenDesk has been launched on the market since Jan. 1, 2023, after an intensive one-year development phase.

How does the support of KüchenDesk work ?

You benefit from our first-class support on 4 different channels:

1. You have a direct line to our 1st-level and 2nd-level support via a specially set-up chat group and receive answers to your questions within 5 minutes.

2. For in-depth questions, especially in the onboarding phase, we take the time to go through all topics with you in detail via a video meeting.

3. You can reach us classically via our support mailbox.

4. Of course, you can also reach us via phone in urgent support needs. After the onboarding phase, we differentiate between free support and paid training.

When can I go live with KüchenDesk ?

Experience shows that the road to live operation with such extensive software is quite demanding. On average, our users need between 1-3 months to prepare everything for the changeover. Of course, it can also be much faster, as long as the necessary time is invested. Our intensive onboarding prepares you optimally for live operation. Together with you, we take care of the setup of KüchenDesk, any data migration and the training of your team. In doing so, we are at your side on a daily basis.

Can I migrate my old data with me to KüchenDesk ?

Yes, as long as they are provided to us as CSV or database files. During onboarding, we check with you how your data is available and whether your previous system allows data export at all.

Who is behind KüchenDesk?

The founder Marco Hanczuch founded Meisterdesk GmbH in Berlin in 06/22 as a thoroughly financed startup together with a strong partner. Since then, we have developed into a professional team with 10 ambitious employees.

Any more questions?

On our FAQ page we have summarized the most frequently asked questions of our customers for you.

Talk to us directly?

We are available to answer your questions competently and with commitment. Get in touch with us!

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