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Winner Design / Winner Flex & KüchenDesk

The perfect interface from Winner to KüchenDesk
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Winner Design / Winner Flex Interface to KüchenDesk

Compusoft was founded in Norway in 1989 and has created Winner, a truly intuitive solution for kitchen planners that has now spread throughout Europe.

Winner Design offers the unidirectional interface via file export and import, allowing KüchenDesk to be fed with the complete quotation/order data.

The new Winner Flex kitchen planning program has integrated a modern real-time interface, making the data transfer to KüchenDesk run perfectly in the background.


Transfer your data automatically via the KüchenDesk interface to KüchenDesk.


KüchenDesk is the place for you and your employees to find and organize all data and documents


Whether automated or manual. You can flexibly design the import and export of your data to KüchenDesk at any time.

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What our customers
have to KüchenDesk say

Find out here why our customers use KüchenDesk and are thrilled.

Before KüchenDesk , we had problems due to separate systems and programs for kitchen planning, invoicing and assembly planning, as well as a confusing filing of customer documents.

With KüchenDesk , all processes and documents are united in one system, which improves the overview of orders, facilitates communication between departments and even optimizes the work of assemblers thanks to online flexibility. We recommend KüchenDesk and are looking forward to further developments of this innovative system.


Managing director of Moin Küchenwelten

Prior to KüchenDesk , we did not work in the cloud, which limited our workflow. Through the contract with KüchenDesk , we now have access to a cloud-based solution that gives us ease of use and significantly speeds up the transfer of data.

The cloud functionality of KüchenDesk has revolutionized the way we work and enabled us to transfer data more efficiently. We can definitely imagine working with KüchenDesk in the future. The outstanding support and the fast accessibility of the team have made collaboration even easier.


Managing Director of Gerdum Kitchens

The introduction of KüchenDesk effectively addressed existing problems such as inconsistent handling processes, duplicate data maintenance and a lack of overview of stock levels.

Although the problem has not yet been fully resolved, KüchenDesk shows promising progress towards a unified digital solution that creates a central source of information and enables faster processing. With its clear process structure, KüchenDesk already offers the opportunity for team scaling and I actively recommend it as it is accessible to studios of all sizes and already covers a significant proportion of my work processes.


Managing Director of SieMatic Möbelwerke GmbH & Co. KG

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